Since 1997 Kechi UMC members have shared the love of Christ in Mexico while building 23 houses in partnership with local families, repaired 2 other homes, and built 2 classrooms. If you are interested in future work in Mexico contact Paul Burger or the church office.

From our 2018 Mission trip to Mexico

We shared the love of Christ with a family in Mexico through the building of a house.  We worked with Maria Luisa, Alberto, and their 6 children Luis, Jesus, Daniel, Marlen, Marely, and Eliza.  They also have a married daughter living elsewhere.  It was very sad to hear that they had a 16 year old daughter that was killed 7 months earlier.  The children all attend a Methodist school.  Their old house was built from discarded materials, blocks, partial concrete floor and partial dirt floor.  We enjoyed working with each other and they were very appreciative of the assistance from us and our church.  Alberto told us that he worked for the city trash service and is not paid but receives tips which amount to about $22 per week.  They also own a burro and trailer that he uses to pick up trash in his extra time to earn money for food.

Thank you to everyone from Kechi UMC who supported us through your prayers and donations.  The family was very appreciative of the quilt, pillow cases, clothing, and wooden toys that were made by members of our church.

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