Hands, Feet, and Voice

During some holiday downtime I was pondering on people in our area who are not a part of a church. I was thinking of how we as a congregation and more specifically how I as an individual could reach out to them in a way that might encourage them to come closer to Jesus. My conclusions were fairly simple. First, we can pray. All around us God places many people. It is good to ask God to stir our hearts for those he wants us to be in prayer for. Pray boldly that they would hunger to know Jesus and that they would come to embrace the relationship God has come to offer them.

 Second, we can work to form new relationship. Yes, I said work. Forming new relationships takes energy and effort. We have to intentionally look for ways we can add more people to our relationship circle. This may mean we need to spend less time with some of our Christian acquaintances and begin to invest more in those who are not a part of a faith circle.

 Finally, we need to invite new people to experiences where they can encounter Christ and relationship with other believers whether it be worship, a social event, a church ministry, lunch, or some other spiritually engaging opportunity.

 As we begin this New Year may we all intentionally work to be the hands, feet, and voice of Jesus’ Good News to those who God is wanting to bring home to His family.     ~Pastor Mitch