Greetings from SE Asia

Over the past week, I’ve been blessed to see some amazing things as I’ve traveled across China and Thailand. However, next to the privilege of spending time with my son has been the joy of meeting and conversing with people from literally all over the world: a young man from Nepal studying in Nashville who regularly visits family in Wichita — we exchanged contact info; two men from China on the plane, a woman in Thailand who dropped everything and gave us a ride, and just today a woman from Holland. In many of these conversations, I’ve enjoyed getting to visit about faith. At the same time, my heart is saddened by the lack of people knowing about the good news of Jesus and often even about God. This has resulted in a number of my prayers being offered for these individuals to hear God’s invitation for relationship through Christ. Thanks for all of your prayers for Stephen and I. We continually see God going before us. I look forward to seeing all of you soon!  ~ Pastor Mitch