Over the last several weeks, I have been challenging the congregation to invest in some soul work — to experience a Soul Revolution. As followers of Christ, we live in a world that often combats our faith moving us slowly out of the heart position God wants us to experience – a position in which God’s children are living free of fear, worry, loneliness, anger, or feeling insignificant. I want to encourage you to continue to practice stopping every sixty minutes for sixty seconds and make space for Jesus. Invite him to be a part of whatever you are going through and listen for what he wants to say. Is God calling you to think or act a different way? Does he want you to embrace or let go of something? Does God want to fill your heart or mind with a different feeling or thought? Allow time for God to increase or restore to you his thoughts or desire for himself and plans for you. I realize developing this practice is not easy, but when we can learn to more and more allow God to be a part of our lives we will find our hearts filled with increased peace, love, joy, and fulfillment. So keep working to “get your 60/60 on” as you move toward a SOUL REVOLUTION!  ~ Pastor Mitch